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Is your car emitting obnoxious fumes? Is your check engine light on and throwing a catalytic converter code? Protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment today by replacing your catalytic converter with the help of the professionals at Excalibur Muffler and Automotive. Call us today!

Replace Your Catalytic Converter Today

Did you know that those fumes coming from your car are not only smelly and obnoxious, but also harmful for the environment? Do your part to help our environment today and replace that old catalytic converter. If a catalytic converter is restricted, you will lose fuel mileage and your engine will have to work harder, causing it to run hotter.

Best Catalytic Converters Are Available

When you come in to Excalibur Muffler and Automotive to get a new catalytic converter, you'll receive only the best. All of our catalytic converters adhere to the strictest standards and guidelines set forth by the EPA for emissions. We offer a variety of catalytic converters for various applications, including direct-fit converters for certain applications. All our converters are stainless steel.

Custom Catalytic Converter for Your Car

The majority of our catalytic converters are custom fit for your vehicle to ensure the best performance possible. We also build custom catalytic converter systems for certain applications. So no matter what you are looking for, you can find it here.
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